The Ultimate Folding Electric Bike

If you’re looking for a folding electric bike, but still want something that looks great, you’ve come to the right place. Moski electric bikes are built for speed, efficiency, and style. Both tough and refined, our bikes offer Melbourne and all of Australia that perfect balance of form and function to help you move around town with minimal effort.

Our electric bikes are special: Great looking. Smooth riding. You just can’t beat the value and fun times that are now available to you.

New to the world of eBikes? It’s actually pretty easy…and fun! To get moving from a stop, just turn the bike on, start pedalling for a few seconds and the quiet electric motor will engage automatically to give you a little boost. Pedalling becomes much easier. The extra power comes in handy, especially when you’re going uphill or against the wind.

Or if you feel like shedding a few kilos, just turn the power setting to low and expend a little more of your own energy. It’s up to you…you’re totally in control! Going to work in the morning, you might turn the assistance to 3 (high) to keep from breaking a sweat. Then if you feel like getting more of a workout on the ride home just adjust the power to 1 and pedal harder. And remember, most of our models are folding eBikes, which comes in handy as space can be an issue at your home or office in Melbourne.

Limited Stock:

Available for Pickup in South Morang, by Appointment Only.

Just a handful of bikes left…don’t wait.


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White Female Electric Bike
Black & Silver eBike with Mag Wheels
White & Black Men's Electric Bike
Moski eBikes lined up
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Most of our bikes can be folded for easier transportation or storage. Even the bigger model pictured above is a folding electric bike, so it’ll take up less space at the home or office. It actually fits in the back of a small hatchback car!

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If you’d like to find out more, test a Moski eBike, or place an order, be sure to get in touch by phone or this contact form. And please let us know what’s important to you in an electric bike. Your input is extremely valuable to us:

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Q. Are eBikes Legal in Australia?

A. Yes. A power output of 250 watts (increased from 200 watts in 2012) is the maximum allowed outside of private property.

Q: How far will an eBike battery go on one charge?

A. Of course it varies, but using heavy motor assistance can get about 40km, whereas using light assistance it can deliver approximately 50-100km of travel. Variables include wind, hills, rider weight, tyre inflation, battery care, etc. 

Q: Will charging an eBike daily send my electric bill through the roof? Ebike coming soon

A. It only costs about 15-20 cents per day to recharge a lithium battery. Compare this to petrol or a public transportation day pass…it’s so much cheaper! A full fare Myki Pass in Melbourne is $8.60 per weekday for zones 1 & 2. Multiply that for 20 work days in a month and you’d spend $172. That’s about $168 more than the estimated battery charging cost! In a full year you could save about $2,000.

Q: How long does it take to charge an eBike?

A. Usually a full charge (from low) takes about 4-6 hours. Times will vary depending on how many cells need charging.

Q: Are eBikes hard to ride or control?

A. If you’re an experienced push bike rider, you’ll probably be completely comfortable with it after a couple hours of riding. If it’s been a while since you’ve ridden a bicycle, it might take a little getting used to, but novices around the world are picking it up just fine. Plus one of our reps will be happy to give you a quick lesson!

Q: Can I finance a Moski electric bicycle?

A: We are currently exploring various financing options for our customers. Please let us know if this would be of interest to you. We do currently accept payments via EFTPOS, Visa, & MasterCard, and of course cash, cheques, and bank deposits.

News & Event Information

Current & Upcoming Things to Keep Your Eye On…

July 2019
Winter Clearance Sale…ON NOW! Get your favourite Moski electric bike at a massive discount!! Hurry…we have a limited number of bikes remaining.

16 March 2019
Come test ride our bikes at the RENEW 2019 Electric Vehicle Expo. Should be a blast!

Location: The Melbourne International Karting Complex… 9am-4:30pm

20 January 2019
Open day! Come test ride a Moski bike at our new warehouse in South Morang. Refreshments provided.

10am – 2pm at Unit 20, 33 Danaher Drive, South Morang

June-July, 2018
Our next batch of ebikes is arriving in Melbourne soon. There is limited supply so pre-order now to ensure you get yours! We’ll have minimal standard frames available, as most are folding ebike models to take up a little less space in your home, office, vehicle, or garage.

March-April, 2018
We have demo models of Moski Bikes available. If you’re interested in seeing our bikes in person, give us a call or use our contact form above and we’ll advise of the next time and location test rides will be available.

15 February, 2018 
We launched our Facebook page! Get on board. Show us some love…Like. Follow. Share. Comment.
Check it out: Moski on Facebook

Late February, 2018
Moski Bikes become available to test ride.


17 JAN, 2018
Official website launch!!

24 DEC, 2017
We are anticipating our Moski Bikes launch in February-March. Our demo bikes will be available for viewing and test riding in Bundoora, Mill Park, and other areas around Melbourne by appointment or during announced times. Want to view a folding electric bike in person or reserve one for yourself? Get in touch and we’ll send you an email when the next opportunity arises to see the eBikes in greater Melbourne.

Become a Dealer…

If you would like to become a reseller of Moski Bikes or stock them in your bike shop, please contact us using the form above or speak to a rep on (03) 8406 7152 and we’ll arrange a time to meet and discuss your options.